India: FOOD


Ah Indian food… Pretty much what kept me going when everything else was driving me away from India! First, being a vegetarian in India is super easy. Every place is either “pure vege” either has an extensive list of vegetarian items. It seems the South is almost entirely vegetarian and every state has its own culinary recipes, but Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh were pretty good! As good as it is, it does get a little boring at some point as pretty much everything is fried, greasy and has the same spices.

The dishes are not usually eaten with rice but with a round and flat  bread called roti or chapati. They don’t really eat naan like we do in western countries.


  • Snacks:
IMG_7283 (2)

Some kind of sandwich with ketchup and raw veggies, very popular in Uttar Pradesh. It was good but I think raw food should be avoided due to lack of hygiene. I really wanted to give it a try after seeing it everywhere in the street for days.

IMG_7225 (2)

A samosa and a puffed roti with dhal (yellow lentils) soup. Samosas in India are huge and 3D, not flat triangles. They’re almost always vegetarians.

IMG_7217 (2)

A southern plate: idlis on the left and uttapam on the right. The idlis are sort of a moist and soft bread while uttapam are kind of like a pizza on a naan. They always come with a delicious dipping sauce.

IMG_7205 (2)

Fried peanuts and onions with battered bread.


  • Main dishes:

A variation of Kashmiri biryani: fruits, veggies and gratted coconut in a curry sauce.


Kashmiri pulao: more or less same as above except that it is served with rice and without any sauce. Also has cashews and can be listed as a dessert.

IMG_7151 (2)

We had an awesome meal in an organic restaurant. They twisted usual Indian dishes with extra fresh veggies, quinoa, tofu and sprouted grains.


A pumpkin curry.

IMG_7050 (2)

Soup of rabodia (a local flower) in Jodhpur.

IMG_7014 (2)

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