India: quick trip to Jaipur

Because it was on our way, and because I really wanted to see the palace of winds, we had a very quick (one night and 2 hours) tour of the pink city. After a messed up hotel booking, we were “upgraded” to a completely different part of town, much much fancier! It looked like any western city, it was almost clean, cars were not honking (so much) and there were no cows in the streets! We had our first actually clean room in India, but even though the service was still terrible (I wondered how it was possible to be that dumb on that many level for that many people in one single hotel, a previous guest even wrote “worst service” on the room service menu), I have to admit it was nice to be in an “easy” place for once.

I didn’t find it so pretty all in all, the westernized part was kinda grey and the old city was  pretty plain, but we only saw it from a tower in the center… I didn’t even take a picture, not even to say that the many stairs we had to walk up were worth it. I know there’s a lot things to see in Jaipur but the locals and vendors are so annoying in the touristy area that I was quite happy to not spend more time there. As for its nickname of “the pink city”, only the buildings bordering the big commercial street are pink, so one street in the whole town. The palace of wind was beautiful, but I was so harassed by locals wanted to sell something, to make me go in their restaurant, taking pictures of me without asking and kids requesting chocolate that I took a good look at it and left. Definitely, big towns are not for me in that part of the world.

DSCF1069 (2)

There was a beautiful dance show near the palace of wind. I had no idea what was going on but I heard music and saw people all going in one direction, so I followed them. There were only locals there and I still don’t know what was the celebration for, but it was very nice.

DSCF1074 (2)

DSCF1082 (2)

The palace of winds.


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