India: peaceful Bundi

We found in Bundi the first place in India where we didn’t feel harassed, for real. Kids saying hello in the street, not even asking for money and pens (or not so much), adults talking to us and not trying to sell anything, wow, it’s been a while since we haven’t been in such an environment! Yes, since we left Myanmar basically (New Zealand does not count as we only saw sheep and very few humans).

I was under the impression that Bundi was a small town when reading guide books, actually it’s huge town, but with small streets. This gives an impression of walking in a village, when you could easily walk across the town in hours. Most attractions are within walking distance though, and the neighborhood around the fort is beautiful. The fort itself is absolutely gorgeous. We didn’t visit the one in Jodhpur as it was way too expensive but Bundi’s was free (that day) and because I kept trying to go to remote places and asking questions to the guardian, he ended up giving us a private tour of closed rooms with tons of explanations. Most parts of the fort looks quite old, but some rooms that cannot be photographed and are usually closed to public have been restaurated. Those rooms are unbelievable! It’s painted in blue, gold and red from floor to ceiling, representing either religious or historic stories.

The town is also famous for its stepwell (or as they call them: baoris). Silvere wanted to visit the Queen’s, known for being the most beautiful. It was not free so I decided to wait outside. So far all the stepwells we’d seen looked the same, as impressive they may be. As soon as he entered, the 4 guys selling tickets (yes there apparently needs to be 4 guys to give the couple of people who visit every hour a paper ticket) started to talk to me, not caring about the fact that I was trying to read a book and that I looked very obviously pissed off. What a surprise, harassment in Rajasthan! Silvere came back and insisted I’d go with him instead of staying by myself with such annoying assholes. It was probably a good idea. Not only the stepwell is very pretty, but there are a ton of bats, parrots and cute geckos inside, enjoying the shade.

DSCF0885 (2)

A very common sightseeing in Bundi. 

DSCF0889 (2)


DSCF0898 (2)

The mural painting is a specialty of the area, but those in Bundi are particularly beautiful. 

DSCF0899 (2)


DSCF0907 (2)

DSCF0911 (2)

The stunning entrance of the fort. We visited it on the king’s birthday and it was pretty quite and free for the occasion.

DSCF0923 (2)

The view from the fort, the city is even bluer than Jodhpur!

DSCF0950 (2)


DSCF0952 (2)

DSCF0959 (2)

DSCF0972 (2)

One of the few still colored room of the fort.

DSCF0978 (2)

DSCF0991 (2)

Krishna, the owner of a restaurant we went to, wanted Silvere to try his turban. It seems every man wearing a turban wants Silvere to try it on.

DSCF0996 (2)

So he did, again. He does have a “turban head”.

DSCF1003 (2)

DSCF1013 (2)

DSCF1023 (2)

In the Queen’s well, a bunch of pretty sleepy bats.

DSCF1030 (2)

The entrance of the Queen’s well.

DSCF1033 (2)

DSCF1038 (2)

The view on the city, the lake and the fort from the hill. When we arrived at the top, there was a cute langur monkey looking like he was meditating. Two kids came close and probably thinking they were doing us a favor, they started to throw rocks at the poor thing… We’ve seen that many times. No wonder the monkeys become aggressive…

DSCF1045 (2)

We stumbled upon a wedding procession. 

DSCF1046 (2)

As always, I like how the groom holds the bride with a leash. And how happy they look.

DSCF1050 (2)

The fort viewed from the town.

DSCF1068 (2)



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