New Zealand: it never stops to be crazy beautiful

We simply worked our way up to go back to Christchurch by driving A LOT. And since we were a little tired by all that tramping, it was ok to just go out of the car to buy fresh fruits, eat at some pretty spot, camp at another stunning one… We stopped along the way at the many viewpoints, glaciers, lakes, beaches etc… A very beautiful coast indeed.

DSCF9709 (2)

Another incredible lake.

DSCF9744 (2)

The water of the Fox glacier, completely transparent!

DSCF9749 (2)

The amazing location of that night’s campground.

DSCF9762 (2)

I walked on the water.

DSCF9781 (2)

That fish seemed to be attracted by my feet, it appeared from nowhere while I had them hanging a couple of centimeters outside of the water.

DSCF9792 (2)

Abel Tasman track.

DSCF9793 (2)

DSCF9799 (2)

DSCF9803 (2)

More fjords! I can’t get enough of them.

DSCF9807 (2)

A weird dead forest in the middle of a very alive one.

DSCF9813 (2)

Our friends the seals with their pups.

DSCF9830 (2)

DSCF9843 (2)

The seal in the water eventually got out really close to people who thought it was cool and took close up shots. Until the seal made it look like it was attacking them, how we laughed!

DSCF9858 (2)


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