New Zealand: art with ruins

The last town we stopped at before Christchurch was the wonderfully weird Hokitika. Restaurants had very specific menus, shops were selling steam punk jewelry, witch stuff and other weird things. On the beach was held an art contest: create a sculpture with whatever you find on the beach (mainly flooded wood). It made for great photos and lot of fun, some of the sculptures were actually quite impressive!

After that we finally hit the last stop of our road trip and had one last day in Christchurch. We didn’t get enough time to visit when we arrived, so we were very eager to get to know the city this time. There was a streetart festival and a celebration of the Chinese new year with lanterns, so we went to both. First we chased the streetart, allowing us to visit the city and making us aware of how bad it was impacted by the earthquake of 2011. Every high building collapsed. Some have not been cleaned and still look like it happened yesterday. Some were cleaned but nothing has been built, so it’s just a succession of empty spaces. Some have been replaced by streetart and installations… All in all it’s kind of weird, Christchurch is pretty empty… Yet when we go to the Chinese festival in the park, there is a huge crowd! Anyway, the streetart in Christchurch is amazing. Some of the best artists in the world have worked there, on huge walls, making the whole city a maze of mural paintings. Some area feel sad, some feel vibrant and it looks like they decided to make up a whole new creative city, little by little.

IMG_6790 (2)

At the entrance of Hokitika’s beach.

IMG_6795 (2)

IMG_6808 (2)

Like a cheap Burning Man!

IMG_6488 (2)

In Christchurch’s city center.

IMG_6491 (2)

The church has not been renovated since the earthquake.

IMG_6492 (2)

IMG_6849 (2)

IMG_6855 (2)

IMG_6862 (2)

IMG_6866 (2)

By French artist Seth.

DSCF9860 (2)

The C1 cafe uses pneumatic tubes to send your order to your table directly! Like in Orwell’s 1984!

DSCF9867 (2)

Flying over Sydney.


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