New Zealand: lakes and rare penguins

We arrived at Christchurch and the first thing I did was doing some food shopping. After having some awesome breakfast of fresh fruits, cereals and nuts that made the whole hostel jealous, we started to plan everything. We picked up the car, bought all the camping gear and new hiking shoes for me before picking up Fred the next day. So we did not visit the city so much, but we crossed the CBD to get everything we needed. It is still very much destroyed. A terrible earthquake shook Christchurch 5 years ago and dozens of buildings collapsed. Nowadays, those buildings have not been replaced for the most part, they’re just empty spaces. A church has been left as it was after the earthquake, some places have not been cleaned. Walking in the street is just plain weird, that plus the fact that there was no one, like if everybody left the city. We did not visit much but we will at the end of the trip.

From then on, the road trip on the south island began! After only a couple of hours on the road, someone from a car coming the other direction threw an egg at us, deliberately… It landed on the front of the car, damaging it pretty bad (two cars crossing at 100 km/h each…) and exploded on the windshield right in front of me, which blocked me from seeing anything for a few seconds… Later we saw other cars with eggs on them, what the hell?! Someone tried to kill us! Nothing less than kill us! A serial killer with eggs as weapons!

As soon as I could clean up the windshield, it was crazy landscapes one after the other! We slowly drove down to the South of the island where we saw amazing lakes, glacier and mountains. Camping in different spots, we had beautiful clear skies allowing us to stargaze and even make some wishes to shooting stars. The color of the lakes is always a crazy neon shade of blue, it’s unbelievable.


DSCF9192 (2)

Lake Tekapo, our first night of camping!

DSCF9196 (2)

Lake Pukaki

DSCF9199 (2)

IMG_6522 (2)

Fred didn’t bring his cap.

DSCF9230 (2)

Hooker glacier

DSCF9249 (2)

IMG_6537 (2)

Our camping spot for the night!

IMG_6539 (2)

Sheep are everywhere…

DSCF9255 (2)

My bathtub for that day.

DSCF9313 (2)

The yellow eye penguin is the rarest in the world. There was only 18 breeding mates on that spot and we saw one get out of the water!

DSCF9351 (2)

DSCF9345 (2)

Seals seem to be everywhere in New Zealand.

DSCF9364 (2)

DSCF9376 (2)

Not one but two penguins getting ready to rest!

DSCF9299 (2)

DSCF9379 (2)

The sheep have a pretty sweet view.

DSCF9388 (2)

IMG_6554 (2)

IMG_6558 (2)

IMG_6562 (2)

Nugget point, with hundreds of sea elephants swimming and lazing around.

DSCF9435 (2)

This black thing is a dolphin fin. There, they are famous for playing with humans who go in the water. It was tempting but those people are crazy, it was freezing. They were rewarded though, at least five dolphins were playing around them, with them!

DSCF9503 (2)

DSCF9415 (2)

Fifteen minutes before, our tents were there… The evil sheep woke us up!

DSCF9460 (2)

DSCF9469 (2)

IMG_6570 (2)

We found a very cool coffee shop in the middle of nowhere.


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