Australia: just enough time for a nap

After Singapore and to reach New Zealand, we had a transfer in Bangkok for the night (spent in the airport where I got 0 minute of sleep). And then another transfer in Sydney, with a few hours of layover. The visa were “offered” by the company we booked our round the world plane tickets with, so we decided to explore. It was pretty exciting for me as I did not go to Sydney when I was in Australia 10 years ago (I’m officially old…).

The problem was, Sydney is quite big and extended, which meant we could only visit one area, and I picked the bay to see that famous opera house. I have to say it was a bit disappointing, it looked a little “has been” and kinda run down. The bay in itself is really pretty though, complete with k pop bands playing concerts to 10 hysterical fans and aboriginal guys making money out of their lost culture with fake painting and big didgeridoos. But then, after an exhausting 15 minutes walk, Silvere felt the need to stop and nap (even if he DID sleep in the airport!). We sat in a very nice park by the water with plenty of strange birds. Since I had nothing to do I chased them around. Australian didn’t seem any impressed by those, treating like pigeons, but I found them very weird and cool! I did some yoga too and eventually fell asleep after yet another failed attempt at holding a headstand. I fell on my back for the 10th time and figured I might as well stay like that and get some rest too. Thirty minutes later we already had to go back to the airport! Even though we didn’t eat or do any shopping, the return train ticket makes it our most expensive day since we’re traveling in Asia!


The Sydney opera house.



Weird bird number 1.


Weird bird number 2.


Weird bird number 3.


Weird bird number 4.


Weird bird number 5.


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