Singapore: stopover turned holiday

It happened that to go from Mandalay to Christchurch, we had multiple transfers, and one in Singapore. Since I’ve always wanted to visit this city (almost entirely to see the funky garden by the bay that has been the obsession of my architecture fantasies for years) I seized the opportunity to stop for a couple of days. Silvere’s friend FM received us like kings in his super cool apartment, even leaving us his room. I can’t stress enough how good it feels to sleep in a real bed and shower in an actual shower, in a spotless bathroom, after months of sketchy guesthouses. It’s funny how something that would have been my idea of my perfect apartment suddenly felt way too good for me, like I was completely out of place in this spotless environment. But anyway, I clearly enjoyed the luxury a lot, overslept (which I clearly needed) and dealt with all the stuff for which I needed wifi…

On top of that, we walked a lot, ate great food, met with more of Silvere’s friends for diner, with my former boss from Paris and co worker from NY for lunch, had some fun trying to catch the inspiration behind the very Moebius like street art… And of course, we went to garden by the bay. I really loved the big black light trees contrasting with the very edgy skyscrapers. All together, the city clearly reminded me of London, a lot! Diversity, a big wheel on a river, a millennium bridge, the city tall buildings facing the water, a mix of old and new at every corner, etc… That’s enough for me to love a place!


The funky architecture next to street art filled streets.




And some funky sculpture on the bay.


The merlion, a weird sculpture representing Singapore. Of course everyone makes the tastiest photos in front of the water stream (like if the merlion was spitting into their mouth or posing in front of it, like if they were spitting).


Glutton bay, gourmet street food!


That stunning skyline…


Celebrations of the Chinese new year.


So much architectural creativity in one single spot!


The awesome garden by the bay and its funky (I will write funky as many times as I like) trees. Walking under those felt like being back at Burning Man: freaking awesome!





It poured down on our last afternoon, so we went back to FM’s where I took a well deserved nap. Apparently it rains a lot in Singapore, but it doesn’t usually last. We waited for 30 minutes and decided to head back.



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