Singapore: FOOD!

Yes, I stayed 2 days and managed to make it a culinary experience! It is well worth it, Singapore is renowned as a great place to eat and from what I’ve seen, it’s true! I remember FM’s girlfriend saying locals travel to the other side of the town late at night for a good piece of cake. These people understand me!

There are multiple food courts all around town where you simply have to place a business card on an empty table to “reserve” it while you go around the different food stalls to select your meal. We went to three of them and they were all equally fun to shop at! One was pretty relaxed, one was in a beautiful location with art deco steel designs and the last one, more gourmet (and called Glutton bay!) was overlooking the beautiful skyline. Although it is not that easy to pick vegetarian dishes, there will always be at least one option, but sadly there might not be a lot of choice…

What is so great is the diversity of the food coupled with that obvious foodie vibe. Lots of Indian and Malay stuff, and damn, lots of sweets! Typical Asian desserts, fruits, Indian sweets and western cakes, what a perfect combo! Apparently, rainbow cakes are the new trend đŸ˜‰


A carrot carrot cake. It does not contain carrot and it isn’t a cake or a dessert, but it’s a very od ommix of small daikon cubes with omelet, chili, spring onion and other goodness!


Mee goreng. I had some Malay mee goreng before but this one was, as you can see, orange and was particularly tasty.

IMG_6384 (2)

Ok so now we’re talking. Let me introduce you the kaya fondue! The kaya is a coconut jam with egg and sugar, and it it was so good that I bought a pot to  eat in New Zealand. The fondue is more liquid and it’s wonderful.

IMG_6442 (2)

Shaved ice topped with sweet potato, taro, jelly, nata de coco and candied something that I loved but cannot remember đŸ˜¦ With extra milk as a topping. It’s simple but very good.


And of course, many many beautiful snacks that we don’t have in the western world, such as those amazing peach Hi Chews.


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