Thailand: FOOD!

Thai food… My favorite EVER.

But once in the country, it was different than I excepted… I was even disappointed on my first week. In New York, I had my Thai joints, they were all good, portions were always huge, I knew it was always going to be great. I had my three favorites: Pad Thai, Green curry and Pad see yee. But in Thailand, portions were much smaller and I have to admit, I thought those dishes were less tasty… Maybe in NY, were they customized for westerners? Anyway, after I got used to the menus and found my way around, it was all goodness again. I simply had to try new stuff and stop looking for the same stuff I ate in the US. The street food was amazing obviously, but restaurants were not all equals. In the end, I am very happy that I tried new flavors, new dishes, it was even better than I imagined and Thai food has much more variety than I thought.

Usually, Thai food is very spicy, and I gradually found myself using more and more dried chili, to the point that I could not even eat a dish if it wasn’t very hot. This is also where I completely stopped to go to restaurant and instead went to markets as much as possible (and as Silvere would let me 😦 ) I also discovered the local specialties, and wow. There is so much creativity. Every meal was like a party in my mouth! The food might even be what I liked the most about Thailand!


Main ingredients in Thai food. You have to balance sweet, sour, spicy and bitter.


This root is called galangal and is similar to ginger. It can be found in a lot of dishes.





From our cooking class in Chiang Mai, spring rolls and deep fried mushrooms with satay sauce.


Chiang Rai’s specialty: the blue rice. It actually is found of any color on the market.


Banana chips and tamarind jam sandwiches.


Black sesame and sticky rice pancakes.


Fried mushrooms


Tofu cakes in Prachuap Khiri Khan.

Main dishes:


Red curry with litchis in Sukhothai! I can’t wait to make this myself!


Deep fried omelets/pancakes with veggies.


From our cooking class in Chiang Mai: Tom Yam in a coconut, Kao Soi (comes with regular noodles and crispy noodles, it is one of the best things that have been in my mouth) and Pad Thai. I never knew we could make something so delicious.


Wonderful stuffed rice flour omelette with soy beans, peanuts and a bunch of sweet and savory ingredients. It is not as simple as it looks and it was so good that we ordered more.


A deep fried omelette in Khura Buri. Very greasy but surprisingly good!


Sukhothai noodles. Very light broth, simple and good.


Tofu larp (probably Lao inspired!)


A yellow curry. All green, red and yellow curries are amazing. I still can’t decide which one is my favorite.





All kind of stuff we know exist with different flavors here… Green tea Kitkat Cornetto for example…


Or caramel covered Magnum…


Or pomegranate chocolate covered Magnum (this one was particularly tasty).


Iconic mango and coconut sticky rice. Difficult to find in the western world, but at every corner in Thailand. If that is not paradise…


A variation of the mango and sticky rice with banana, in a banana leaf, easy to eat while walking.


Stuffed waffle fish shaped. Like in mangas!


All kind of sweets made of coconut and eggs. All weird, all good!


The same sweet soup found everywhere in South East Asia: anything in coconut milk. Here with bananas and black sticky rice. Deliciousness!


This is cute but it’s just balls of blended sticky rice with sugar.


Typical Thai cakes, the stuffing is green tea, black sesame, soy beans etc… and the outside is made of rice flour.

The weird things:


Dwarf banana.


Deep fried ice cream. I love it.


This I did not try of course. I didn’t realize there was any flesh in it.


Glutinous rice ball with coconut inside. Tasty but very very similar to what I imagine an eyeball who feel like if I was to eat it.


Green rice with coconut. Without sugar it’s like both tastes cancel each other.



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