Thailand: Khao Sok better than Halong Bay?

Khao Sok is a jungle in the South of the country, on a stretch of land in the middle of all the paradise islands. In that jungle, there is a lake that oddly enough, is not very famous. We booked a 2 days tour on that lake for the next morning. Once at the ATM, I realized that I lost my debit card, and when Silvere withdrew money, his got swollen by the machine. So if we didn’t find a way to work it out very quickly, we were kinda screwed. In the spirit of our trip, we decided to take it easy and hope for the best, that we’d take care of it when we’d return from the lake… With a lot of luck, patience and the help of the amazing boss of our guesthouse, Silvere got his card back in the end… We only had to drive one hour to the next town after the guy who adds money to the ATM took it to the bank there. In the meantime, we saw the biggest wild pogonas I’ve ever seen in our guesthouse. They were red and blue and just hanging out there, along with many cute frogs and cicadas. We spent the night earing the jungle noise and were woken up by the songs of birds and gibbons. I wish I could start all my days like that! From there we took a van and a boat to our next guesthouse, a floating village in the middle of a desert bay on the huge lake. The village was apparently populated by a group of transvestite Thais.  They were playing cards, listening to music all day long and seemed to have a lot of fun!
Unfortunately we had 20 party animals with us, and they needed their beer from 10 am.
They also needed their beer on the boat, they needed their beer while walking in the jungle, they needed their beer while swimming and of course they needed their many beers in the evening. I did the maths, they spent in 2 days more that what we spend in 2 days, but only in beer for them! What kind of image do they give to the locals who live there and barely see any other tourists? That westerners can’t go without their 10 beers a day? We kept bitching about them not belonging to that beautiful atmosphere and pissing us off, while they were all socializing and trying to find someone to spend the night with.
The last 2 hours before going back to the mainland, 5 of them came to us and started talking random shit in French, ahahah. Busted!
Nevertheless the lake is gorgeous and highly populated with wild animals. The water is as warm as a bath, it feels great to swim there. We slept on the water, on floating bungalows. That’s something I have always wanted to do but I imagined it to be out of reach. I loved it, the water movements made me fall asleep in minutes. On our night safari we saw a cute varan and a flying squirel, and the next morning we were extremely lucky as we spotted many gibbons! As for my statement of Khao Sok being more beautiful than Halong Bay, I think the pictures speak for themselves!












DSCF7043 - Copy








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