Thailand: I did not go to the full moon party

Koh Phangan is famous for its full moon party. Every month, thousands of westerners get wasted on the beach under the moonlight while listening to techno music.
I kinda wanted to see it for myself, but at the time we were planning on going there, there was no full moon. But no problem!  If there is no full moon, there is a half moon, a black moon, a jungle or even a waterfall party!  For new year’s eve, there was no full moon, yet everyone went to a “full moon” party.
I was still pretty curious about it, until I found out the price for a tuk tuk to get there and come back + the entry fee was equivalent to 3 days worth of travel in Thailand. Well I have partied on the beach, I have been to black light events and to wild outdoors evenings before… So in the end I didn’t go. That’s not why I’m here for. I wish I could have seen it for myself, but I’d rather travel longer than party right now.  Silvere went to a full moon party a few years ago, and apparently everybody gets drunk, the music is aok, and it’s not so amazing that he’d want to go again.
When we had to pick a place to stay on the island, we chose the beach that was the further away from where most party goers stay, yet, we had the chance to see them there too. The island seemed crowded… Everything is much more expensive than anywhere else in the country. We were lucky enough to get what probably was the cheapest bungalow on the Koh Phagan that time of the year. The only thing that’s cheap on Koh Phangan is scuba diving, which is the actual reason we went there.  It’s apparently more relaxed than Koh Tao, that we were told was overcrowded with divers, but still very good. We both got Advanced certified with PADI, allowing us to go a little deeper (officially… instructors have taken me to up to 31 meters before). I won’t start on how this whole PADI certification is only about money and not safety, but at least we will be able to dive when we’ll be in Komodo in May (advanced certification required there). I don’t think I learned much, but the water is absolutely beautiful.
We saw so many massive schools of fish (big and small), giant barracudas, colorful animals, nothing I’d seen before in terms of density. A little fish fell in love with me and followed me during one full dive, even touching me many times. That’s not that common, fish don’t usually touch or allow humans to touch them!
When we were not diving, we just enjoyed the beaches and walked around, getting ourselves accustomed to the island time: relaxing and slow!










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