Thailand: new year’s eve in Prachuap Khiri Khan

At first, we wanted to spend new year’s eve in the islands of the South. That meant two things that we were not so happy with: spending a lot of money and organizing. Mainly because we’re lazy, we decided to go with the flow and ended up, on the 30th, done in Bangkok, buying a train ticket for the South. We had a choice between Prachuap Khiri Khan and Hua Hin. We chose the first as it seems to not be on the path of most tourists, in fact it’s mainly visited by Thais. Once there, we found a cheap guesthouse on the sea side and went to explore the biggest attraction of the town: the hill top temple populated with monkeys. So yes, monkeys are everywhere in Southern Thailand. Not only in Lopburi! And I thought it was unique… Ahah! We climbed the stairs that were covered in corn to find monkeys way to busy eating to care about us. Once at the top, the view on the ocean is beautiful… And there’s a ton of monkeys. Some big, some small, some pretty aggressive (Silvere got a teeth display again), but most of them tattooed… The monks didn’t seem to like them so much, which can be understood since they poop on the stupa. It was the first time I’d see a monk use a catapult!

At night, we had an amazing dinner on the huge sea side market, ate a bunch of new tasty street food, sent some lanterns to the sky for good luck (do as the locals do! plus I had never done it before), walked along the beach and had a beer facing the beach in a small bar. Everyone was sending fireworks and some were very pretty low, there are not too concerned about safety practices but it makes up for a great show! At midnight, the big party was on with even more fireworks small or big, lanterns flying everywhere in the sky and loud music. Thais know how to party!

Soon after I found out that my friend Aleksi from Finland, that I haven’t seen since one of the last metal festival I went to was, as well, in Prachuap! What are the odds that I’d find a friend on that small not touristic town thousands of kilometers away from our homes?! Awesome surprise, we catch up the next day around lunch before visiting the surroundings and leaving for the South.














2 thoughts on “Thailand: new year’s eve in Prachuap Khiri Khan

  1. Hello ! Merci pour ton message sur le blog ! Les enfants étaient très contents. Ils parlent souvent se toi car il faut dire qu’ils font des ravages auprès des touristes et des locaux en réalisant TON tour de magie ! Ils se sont bcp entrainés et le maîtrisent parfaitement maintenant 😉
    Je vous remercie de ne pas trop exciter les singes avant notre arrivée dans quelques semaines ! Nous quittons bientôt le Cambodge et prendrons rapidement la direction des plages. Il fait trop chaud ici !
    Bises et à bientôt peut-être sur les routes
    La famille untouracinq


    • Alors la je suis hyper flattee ! J’espere vous revoir pour admirer tout ca.
      Profitez bien de la Thailande, et j’espere que les singes seront plus sympas avec vous qu’avec Silvere ! On en a vu vraiment partout, c’est assez dingues comme ils pullulent (j’adore les regarder voler les sacs de fruits des touristes).
      Je guete votre blog pour voir si nos itineraires se recroisent, tu es plus reguliere que moi 😉


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