Vietnam: HCMC and the Mekong delta

We enjoyed our time in Ho Chi Minh City: delicious vegan restaurants everywhere, beautiful temples, interesting history… It’s much more diverse than Hanoi, the contrast is pretty clear, you can tell that not so long ago there was a big limit between North and South of the country. It kinda looks more occidental (which makes sense since that’s where american arrived first).

DSCF4258 (2)

The vagina shape desk at the independence palace.

DSCF4263 (2)

People praying in the Jade emperor temple.


DSCF4264 (2)

DSCF4269 (2)

The view on Ho Chi Minh City’s bay.

The real attraction of the South of the country for us was the Mekong delta, and specifically the floating market taking place every morning. We woke up very early, got a beautiful sunrise on the river and enjoyed seeing how wholesale fruits and veggies are sold to merchants, on the water. The Mekong is pretty disgusting, filled with trash, but the market was very fun to see. We then stopped at a noodle factory where I participated in the making of noodles myself, and to a smaller floating market, then on to small villages and canals.

DSCF4303 (2)

Commercial exchange on the Mekong Delta in  Cai Rang.

DSCF4305 (2)

They all put whatever they’re selling on poles in front of the boats.

DSCF4308 (2)

Sellers also buy breakfast.

DSCF4356 (2)

DSCF4359 (2)

They liked my piercings (such as a lot of Vietnamese people) and kept talking about them.

DSCF4326 (2)

How noodles are made.

DSCF4341 (2)

DSCF4373 (2)

Along the Mekong small canals.

This was our last step in Vietnam! I loved the country. It’s beautiful, Hanoi’s old quarter has something very special, I could just stay there explore and eat for days, most people we met were very nice and honest, the kids were all adorable. The tourist price is annoying, especially when it comes to transportation… They officially have a much bigger price for foreigners and there’s nothing to do about it. This made us wonder constantly if we were fooled… Sometimes yes, but sometimes no, and it unfortunately changed our relationship to locals. The landscapes are beautiful, very different from one place to the other, and the food is fantastic… We’re now in Cambodia, we passed the border by boat and are in the 2nd country of our Asian trip! Vietnam was definitely a great place to start with.


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