Vietnam: Ninh Binh, the inland Ha Long Bay

Maybe you didn’t know it (I didn’t at least), but Ha Long Bay is not just on the sea, it’s a whole area inland as well. We met Jean again to travel around the town of Ninh Binh, where we rented bikes and spent our time exploring. We didn’t realize how close by everything was, but most of the things we wanted to see were only a short bike ride away. We had one very nice day of bike, boat ride, meeting with local kids and walking up a dragon staircase to a temple (I felt like in St Seyia). The visits were all so relaxing and beautiful, it felt like we were out of this world for a day. When the visits were over and it was time to go back to Ninh Binh, we had an hour of bike left and it started pouring. It was also getting quiet late and the night falls around 5.30pm, so we ended up biking under a very heavy rain and still arrived in Ninh Binh when it was dark, dealing with yet another level of traffic anarchy.

DSCF3710 (2)

On a boat ride through Tam Coc.

DSCF3642 (2)

Traditionally, they paddle with their feet!

tam coc

Tam Coc from the Hang Mua temple.

DSCF3741 (2)

On the other side of Tam Coc.

DSCF3736 (2)

Silvere on top of the Hang Mua temple rocks, next to its distinctive dragon.

DSCF3719 (2)

Pretty much all staircases are frames by dragons in Vietnam, but this one was the first colored we saw.

vietnamese kid

A kid from one of the villages we biked through. They all jumped on us, very happy to say hello and asking for photos, but when I pulled up my camera they all ran away expect that one. Vietnamese kids are so freaking cute.

DSCF3749 (2)

That woman was picking up trapped crabs in Trang Anh. When we asked if we could take a picture of her, she  smiled and showed us her latest catch.

DSCF3744 (2)

Silvere and Jean in Trang Anh.



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