London nostalgia

On my way back from the US to France I had a 3 hours layover in London. It was too short to get out of the airport and yet oddly enough to get sunk in the british atmosphere. London is a very special place to me! You probably already know it, I moved there with no money, no job, no one to meet there and no english skills when I turned 21. It was very harsh at times but all together I loved it and it was the first step of me becoming who I really am. The 2.5 years I spent there changed everything for me! I left and pretty much never came back.

So here I was, in between flights and filled with nostalgia. I then spent a few days in Nice and by an unexpected turn of events changing my schedule last minute, ended up, at 10pm, buying tickets to London for the next morning. As soon as I landed, I was happy and couldn’t help smiling. There’s just something about Londoners.

I spent most of my time alone walking around familiar areas of the city. Since I used to know zones 1 and 2 inside out there was no pressure to visit anything. I just wanted to see the neighbourhoods I used to like hoping they did not change too much, wich was a risky bet in a city that used to reinvent itself every month when I was there. I walked in touristy and less touristy places. Angel, Bank, Bond St to Tottenham Court Rd, Carnaby St, Piccadilly… Then Shoreditch and Liverpool Street where my favorite bar / coffe shop / night club still exists (the 1001 where I danced on so much drum n bass). I was so happy to find it that easily, like if it was not 7 years ago but just a week since my last time there, that I had lunch on one of their many comfy couches. The area became a little trendier that it used to be but still had that awesome london vibe. It’s like you can feel the creativity! My favorite street art pieces were still there, Banksy, Obey, Space Invader, you name the artists, they have all been there. It was great to wander around that glorious past of my life. I ended my quick getaway with a long walk from Holborn to the Tate, through Covent Garden and along the Thames with a play at the Shakespeare Globe Theater and a treat at one of my favorite restaurant: Ping Pong (delicious modern dim sums).

It was just a couple of days but it filled me with joy for no particular reason… There’s just something about London!




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