On our way to Yosemite – lakes and hot springs

After Burning Man, I really need one night in a real bed, with a real shower and some comfort. We had to wake up at 4am to leave when most people were still sleeping or partying. It’s 70k persons and a single line road… We passed many beautiful lakes, the first one right after leaving Black Rock City.

Pyramid lake

I also needed a sweet place to go back to “the default world”. Last year we spent 2 days in South West Lake Tahoe and I loved it so much that I went back this year with Silvère. We went on the North shore, which is much more touristy than the South, with casinos and cheap restaurants. We pretty much spent the day on the road and then cleaning everything (the Burning Man dust is no joke).

The next day, we finally took time to explore the lake, it’s so amazing. Driving just a little bit out of the strip of hotels will give you a totally different vibe, much more relaxed and wild. Lake Tahoe is pretty high though, so very cold. We walked around a little bit to discover hidden paths from the road.

On our way to Yosemite, we found out there were hot springs only 10 minutes away, so we checked them out. There were already a few other people coming down from Burning Man, talking about the week they had. Everyone was naked, two guys were playing hand drums… It felt so natural. We met an australian girl who was staying in a tea themed camp and would go to bed after dinner to wake up for sunrise, I think we’ll try that next burn! She took pictures of us and we gifted her with one of the last pair of sunglasses I had left, it’s wonderful to still feel that burn spirit in the “default word”.

It was fun to extend the burn for an hour. The hot springs were great and the view over the mountains was breathtaking.


We had to leave to reach Yosemite and stumbled upon one last beautiful lake: Mono lake. It was sunset and was all pink and light purple.



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